adjunctmap7inchThis map shows the pay of adjunct teachers in more than 1000 colleges and universities around the United States. Click to open it.

You can hover your mouse over the points on the map, representing individual schools, to find out how much an adjunct teaching a three credit course at that school is likely to earn. Click on the point to find out more including how much a full time teacher at the school earns on average, and how much tuition each student pays for a class.

The text windows also show the number of classes an adjunct would have to teach to earn the same annual pay as a full-time teacher at that institution (an ordinary full time teaching load is usually somewhere between 4 and 10 classes per year, depending on the institution). The window also shows a calculation of the number of students in a class whose tuition for that class equal the pay of their adjunct instructor. In many cases it is one student or fewer!